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Your Trusted Business Advisor

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Your CFO: Strategic financial leadership to help you improve your company’s reality and create your company’s future.

Professional Consultation

If you are like most of our clients, you would like to TALK WITH someone who will listen, and discuss your issues – not have someone TALK AT you with industry jargon. If you would like to start a conversation about finding real solutions for you and your business please give us a call or click the link below.

Our Team

The Morrison Firm focuses its efforts on small to medium sized companies in need of strategic financial solutions.

Why is my business profitable but I always seem to have no cash? How much is my business worth? How much am I going to have to pay in tax next year? I think an employee just stole a whole bunch of money, but how much? We help our clients answer these questions and more by offering CFO Services, Business Valuations, Tax Advice, and Fraud Examinations. We have the experience and resources to handle companies of all sizes.

We have represented companies in many different industries, including commercial real estate development and construction; oil field services; oil & gas exploration and production; trucking and more.

Our Smith and Tarrant County, Texas, financial services firm provides strategic financial consulting for clients throughout the state of Texas, including Tyler, Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Longview, Shreveport, Houston, Austin and Waco.

Services We Offer

CFO & Controller Services:

Do you struggle with managing your business finances, pricing your products, budgeting, or simply understanding the financial health of your business but don’t think you can afford full-time help? We can put our entire team of accounting and finance professionals at your disposal to give you regular quality financial oversight. See more on our CFO & Controller Services.


Business Valuation:

What percentage should I give an investor who wants to fund my company? How is my business going to be divided in a divorce? How much will my bank lend me for my business? How much should I sell my business for? A Business Valuation, or appraisal, can help you answer these questions and more. See more on our Business Valuation Services .


Fraud Examination:

I think an employee stole money from my business, but how much? I just got a call from a vendor who says they haven’t been paid in months, but I know I’ve signed the checks; how is this possible? How can I prevent fraud in my business? Whether your goal is to find missing funds or us to put procedures in place to protect money before it goes missing, it is always helpful to think about how fraud can impact you and your business. See more on our Fraud Examination Services.


Tax Preparation:

How can I pay less in taxes? What deductions can I take to minimize my tax liability? Are there benefits programs I can provide my employees that will help reduce my taxes? We provide unique value to our clients by helping them plan and implement their tax strategies, keeping them abreast of best practices. See more on our Tax Planning & Tax Preparation Services.

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